Extract Company data Profile

The base URL for all API requests is https://api.reversecontact.com
The API KEY is required to authorize requests. It MUST be included as a query parameter.


This operation allows you to extract data from a Company Linkedin URL. It returns company data as the response. This operation consume 1 credit.

 GET /enrichment/company?apikey=API_KEY&linkedInUrl=TARGET_LINKEDIN_URL
  "success": true,
  "company": {
    "linkedInUrl": "https://www.linkedin.com/company/visum-run/",
    "name": "Visum",
    "websiteUrl": "https://visum.run",
    "logo": "https://media.licdn.com/dms/image/C4E0BAQEbr48diDvnrw/company-logo_200_200/0/1674558570304?e=1704326400&v=beta&t=qk9thQBKgXOkog_Ii-EZF1NxdbSuCvUkQE4-u_TUNsY",
    "description": "In other words “the mister gadget” of Data enrichment. \n\nWe specialize in hunting down all types of data for your business - with over 5 years of experience and already 3 enrichment tools created, we're dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date data possible, no matter how complex or difficult it may be to get it.\n\nTrust us to be your data hunting experts and help you stay ahead of the competition.",
    "tagline": "Data Hunter for companies",
    "specialities": [
      "Lead Generation",
      "Lead Qualification",
      "Market Search",
      "Competitor analysis",
      "CRM enrichment"
    "headquarter": {
      "country": "FR",
      "geographicArea": "Île-de-France",
      "city": "Paris",
      "postalCode": "75013"
    "industry": "Technology, Information and Internet",
    "employeeCount": 8,
    "universalName": "visum-run",
    "linkedInId": "71234370"
  "credits_left": 1796,
  "rate_limit_left": 19999

Kindly reference here for all possible error responses



This required parameter is a string. It represents the APIKEY obtained from the developer dashboard.


This required parameter is a string. It represents the Linkedin URL of the person with this format: https://www.linkedin.com/company/xxxxxxxxxx/.


The endpoint returns information about the Linkedin URL owner and its company.

  • success boolean - Indicates success or failure of api request.
  • company boolean|object - Represent the company found. It returns a Profile object.
  • credits_left int - Represents the usable credits available for the user account after this query
  • rate_limit_left int - Represents the usable daily request limit available for the user account after this query